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Autoclaves Pressure - Steam Sterilizers

Aluminium Autoclaves Winged Nuts Type
Seamless contruction ensures bacteria free enviorenment. The unit is fitted with pressure guage, safety valve (weighted) pressure release valve & rubber gasket for seamless/leak proof fitting.

Electric/Non Electric
Size : 300x300mm 300x380mm 355x380mm

Autoclave SS/Aluminium Body

Available in following size
  1. 12"x12" Stainless Steel jointed/ jointless body electric/non electric.
  2. 12"x12" Aluminium jointless body electric/Non electric.
  3. 12"x15" Aluminium jointless body electric/Non electric.
  4. 20"x12" Stainless Steel jointed body electric/Non electric

SS Autoclave Pressure Cooker Type
Portable vertical Pressure cooker type autoclave seamless, made out of thick high quality sheet deep drawn to cylindrical shape, having no joints & welding. It has one turn locking system. Lid with fitted steam release valve, pressure gauge, double safety valve one is spring type the other one is dead weight valve. It can run on any feui like carosine oil stove, LPG, stove or Electrically.

Size : 10"x9"

Alert Autoclaves

  • Incomparably Safe, Reliable, Easy to Use, Portable, Durable & Cost-Effective too.
  • More than 40 different Models, Widest Range of Sizes to match different requirements.
  • Available in Non-Electric, Electric and Semi-Automatic too.
  • For Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Dentists, Surgeons, Camps, Pathology Labs, Laboratories, Naturopaths and anywhere you need complete sterilization.
  1. Seamless construction (no joints) from extra thick aluminium sheet for extra safety & durability.
  2. Anti-bulging & fuel saver base for extra strength, fuel & time saving, anti-bulging lid for additional strength.
  3. ISI marked gasket made of food grade synthetic rubber for longer & better performance and hygiene.
  4. Fusible plug type safety valve and gasket release system (grs) for triple safety.
  5. Colour-coded pressure gauge to indicate safe and danger zones.
  6. Weight type safety valve & pressure regulating device for better safety and reliability.
  7. Vacuum release & steam release valves made of stainless steel to avoid breakage & stitle deposits.
  8. Handles & valve knobs made of very durable, heat resistant & fine quality bakelite t o avoid breakage.
  9. ISI marked heating element made of heavy pipe with better quality chrome plating for longer life, fitted with specially designed silicon rubber washer to protect from leakage around the element.
  10. Specially designed rubber cable (in semi-automatic autoclaves) capable of comfortably bearing the heating load. special rubber material used to make it water, heat, wear & tear and electrical fault resistant.
  11. High quality 3-pin plug and element connector (plug) for better safety & easier extensibility of the cord.
  12. International quality timer (in semi-automatic model) for reliable performance & t o avoid accidents.
  13. Inner tripod stand made of stainless steel with extra height to avoid water entering into dressing drums.
  14. Well designed, powder coated outer stand for better stability & attractive looks.

  • 9"x11" (12 Ltrs.) for 7" x 7" Drum (with optional VR Valve)
  • 12" x 8" (16 Ltrs.) for 11"x 4.5" Drum
  • 12"x13" (24 Ltrs.) for 11" x 9" Drum (Economy Model)
  • 12"x14" (26 Ltrs.) for 11" x 9" Drum
  • 12"x16" (30Ltrs.)for11"x9" Drum
  • 14"x15" (35 Ltrs.) for 12" x 12" Drum
  • 18"x15" (60 Ltrs.) for 14" x 9.5" Drum
  • 18"x19" (80 Ltrs.) for 15" x 12" Drum
  • Non-Electric (Fuel Based)
  • Electric (Heating Element -1 KWfor 12 Ltr,
  • 1.5 KW for 16 Ltr, 2 KW for 24, 26, 30 & 35 Ltr and 3 KW for 60 & 80 Ltr)
  • Semi-Automatic (Timer Based)
  • Mirror Finish or Powder Coated (except 24, 35, 60 & 80 Ltr)

  • 12"x18" (32 Ltrs.) for one 11" x 9" & one 11" x 4.5" Drum
  • 12" x 22" (40 Ltrs.) for two 11" x 9" Drum or one 11" x 18" Drum
  • 12" x 24" (44 Ltrs.) for two 11" x 9" Drum or one 11" x 18" Drum ( Large Size Orthopaedic Nails can fit easily.)
  • Non-Electric (Fuel Based) • Electric (2 KW Heating Element)
  • Semi-Automatic (Timer Based) • Mirror Finish or Powder Coated
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